Do you need a qualification?

No you don't..... unless you do!

You have received training, become accredited, gained insurance, grown a business and now you want to progress to another level.  Maybe, work with a product company, embark on some additional training, apply for a career opportunity or even become an educator yourself.  Suddenly, you’re being told that you’re not qualified……… Now what? 🤷‍♀️

You definitely don’t want to or need to go back to the beginning, but you don’t know if what you’re doing and what you know is what you should know and be doing! 

Don’t panic, we have the solution. We can help you gain a regulated qualification without going back to the beginning.

Using the recognition of prior learning process and building upon your current skills, knowledge & behaviours, our assessors can create a bespoke development plan for you to access the required training, development & assessment in order to gain a City & Guilds qualification.

We offer a bespoke Route to Regulated City & Guilds VRQ qualifications at levels 2, 3 & 4 in beauty therapy, nail technology & complementary therapies.

Course curriculum

    1. Hello

    2. Why you might need a regulated qualification.

    3. What are qualifications?

    4. Qualifications available

    5. Unit qualifications

    6. Level 2 qualification structure

    7. Level 3 qualification structure

    8. Level 4 qualification structure

    9. How we work together

    10. Support costs

    11. Requirements of practical assessments

    1. Registration & learning plan

    2. Health & Safety policy

    3. Equal opportunities policy

    4. Compliments & Complaints

    5. Privacy policy

    6. City & Guilds privacy policy

    7. Model release

    1. Introduction to VARK


    3. Weekly planner

    1. How do I proceed?

    2. Evidence - Accredited training certificates

    3. Evidence - Accredited training certificates

    4. Evidence - Accredited training certificates

    5. Evidence - Accredited training certificates

About this course

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Founder Louise Searles

I’ve been involved with education & training since 1993 as a college lecturer, examiner & lead verifier with City & Guilds. Since 2001, I have been fortunate enough to help many people gain careers by creating flexible learning plans incorporating the units they would like to study. I have created Industry Support Network to provide collaboration within our industry and those within it the resources they need to succeed.


  • Who is this system designed for?

    This Route to Regulated Qualification is designed for those who have taken accredited training, gained insurance and have been working within the industry without issue, however, are blocked to progression because they do not hold a regulated qualification

  • Will this programme provide training?

    It is not expected that there will be any additional practical training needed, however, if there is then this will be provided at additional agreement and cost. We are able to provide: Telephone support & guidance with an industry expert. Zoom demonstration with an industry expert. Zoom observations with an industry expert.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is expected that you will build your skills unit by unit and therefore have made it as cost-effective as possible. Each unit has a support programme that includes the blueprint covering everything you need to know and be able to do. The units are charged individually depending on the size. The more you take, the less you will be charged. The support package includes the certificate fees, however, you will pay for the assessment separately. With the exception of the level 3 nail technology unit, all qualifications can be gained with just 1 days assessment

  • Who will assess me and where?

    We are building a network of assessment sites around the country with qualified assessors whose goal is to make the process as painless as possible. It's never nice being assessed, and our assessors are trained in empathy and compassion as well as upholding the highest industry standards. . The aim is that you will not need to travel more than an hour to be assessed, however initially, this may not be possible. The assessors have been vetted and will be part of the organisations quality assurance process.

  • What qualification will I gain?

    We work with City & Guilds and the qualification type is a VRQ - there is more information about this inside the Induction programme

  • Once I enroll on the induction programme, how long will I have to register?

    This information programme automatically expires after 28 days, however, all you need to is drop us an email at and we will be happy to extend it for you.

  • Do I have to wear a specific uniform?

    No, we won't ask you to purchase a specific uniform, however, your workwear must conform to industry standards.

  • How and when will I receive my certificate?

    Certificates will be issues via the main centre once the quality assurance process has been completed. City & Guilds now issue digital credentials that you can attach to your social media. In addition, you will be emailed an electronic copy and a hard copy will be posted to you.

  • Do I have to take a written exam

    Your knowledge does need to be assessed and one way is through a written assignment. We understand, however, that some people would prefer not to write assignments and therefore, there is an alternative online multiple-choice option.