Would you like learn a skill that you can take anywhere in the world?

Can you visualise yourself helping people become healthier?

Would you like to gain a professional qualification whilst still looking after your family or continuing with your full-time job?

  • Reflexology is a powerful, gentle treatment that can be performed on children and grandparents alike.

  • It can be used professionally or just to help family and friends.

 We don't just run courses, we create therapists, businesses and careers.

In this ‘Discover how reflexology can provide a new career or interest in your life’ online mini-course you will…..

  • Discover

    exactly what reflexology is and how your health could change for the better by having this treatment.

  • See

    inside the training environment and find out what our students get up to on their journey.

  • Find out

    what is involved in gaining the qualification and how you can secure your place to change your career or gain a new interest.

  • Hear from

    some of our therapists about their journey and are about how reflexology has impacted their lives for the better.

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Course Content

  • 1
    Pre-course information
    • What is reflexology?
    • About the Industry
  • 2
    Why do you need reflexology in your life? Success stories.....
    • Moonstone Holistic Therapies By Gwen MAR
    • Jane Jaques Footprints
    • Penelope Morrison, MAR, MARR, MFHT, CNHC
    • Catherine Wainman - Peartree Reflexology
    • Jill Newman -Jilly's Therapy
    • Sue Hamblin FMAR
  • 3
    How do you become a professional reflexologist?
    • About the training
    • Qualification content
    • About your educators
  • 4
    What study is involved
    • Cheryl's story
    • FAQ
    • A typical days activity
  • 5
    Costs involved
    • Payment terms
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Exam fees
    • Tools & equipment
    • Textbooks
    • Work wear
  • 6
    What next?
    • Why choose Phoenix?
    • Try us out

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Don't believe us:

This is what real reflexologists have to say.

“Having reflexology as part of my skill set has allowed me to assist existing clients who do not have reflexology as you can look at the feet to get a better view of your clients' health. I often work a reflex at the end of a massage which I feel needs a little boost.. even if it's just the solar plexus to help wake the client up. I always knew that the body had an amazing ability to heal, but reflexology gives you another way to help bring an internal balance and 'see' what's going on. Reflexology has helped me grow my business further by offering another service.”

Jill Newman Jilly’s Therapies  https://www.jillystherapy.co.uk/  Jill Newman Jilly’s Therapies https://www.jillystherapy.co.uk/

“Before I had reflexology in my life, I had worked in the Civil Service for 28 years, had a successful career but decided I needed a change and was hooked from the moment I discovered reflexology. The training and case studies are hard work and time consuming but I loved it Once qualified you can go on to more training if you want to: I've trained in so many specialist areas of reflexology as well as other complementary therapies. The initial training is just the start of a whole new career which you can take as far as you want. Many are happy with the basic 1-year course, but I now do maternity, fertility, lymph drainage, hot stone, functional reflex therapy - to name just a few of the areas you can go on to train in.”

Penelope Morrison, MAR, MARR, MFHT, CNHC Penelope Morrison Complementary Therapies www.penelopemorrison.co.uk Penelope Morrison, MAR, MARR, MFHT, CNHC Penelope Morrison Complementary Therapies www.penelopemorrison.co.uk

“Before I had reflexology in my life, I was a teacher at a senior school. I wanted to be more in control of my own life and needed a better work/life balance. Now having completed professional training, I have Peace - fulfilment and a better work/life balance. The greatest skill you will develop is communication. I believe you need to be a good listener and want to learn, as you will never know it all. It's the best thing I ever did! It’s worth all the hard work. My advice to anyone considering discovering reflexology is…..Do it!”

Gwen Moonstone Holistic Therapies Gwen Moonstone Holistic Therapies

“Before I had reflexology in my life, I was working in marketing full time. Reflexology found me after chronic fatigue got the better of me with my first pregnancy. Reflexology helped me on my road to recovery alongside nutrition and kinesiology. I think you need to have experienced the benefits of reflexology yourself so the passion is within you to train and work with this beautiful therapy. Don't just train in it because you have heard it is a nice relaxing treatment! It is far from that. Make sure you choose the right course and training provider. Don't settle for a quick fix course as you will not be recognised as a professional therapist. Ensure you have to complete the right level of case studies and training hours such that you can join the professional body of your choice (FHT, AoR for example). Not only will this give you excellent support after your qualification, but it will also set your standards at the right level for your new business. Finally, meet with your tutor before you start. Make sure you bond with them and feel they will support you through quite a long journey of training and self-study. Don't just go for the cheapest option as cut corners won't help you be the Reflexologist you want to be. MOST OF ALL... enjoy every minute of training! Do not rush it as every day you will learn something new and of value.”

Sue Hamblin FMAR (Fellow Member of the Association of Reflexologists)   www.sue-hamblin.co.uk Sue Hamblin FMAR (Fellow Member of the Association of Reflexologists) www.sue-hamblin.co.uk