First steps to aesthetics

Level 3 electrotherapy treatments underpin all the advanced level 4 aesthetic treatments. This course covers the knowledge needed to safely perform electrotherapy treatments. It can be used as a refresher for CPD or, combined with practical development towards the regulated qualification

Course curriculum

    1. Syllabus

    1. Nice to know - Basic science

    2. Good to know - Basic science

    3. Need to know - Safety

    4. Electrical currents used in beauty therapy

    5. Test your knowledge

    6. Good to know Video - Structure of a the cell

    7. Good to know Transcript text - Structure of the cell

    8. Good to know Activity - Structure of the cell

    9. Good to know Resource - Meiosis V mitosis

    10. Good to know Video - Major tissues types

    11. Need to know Transcript -Text Major tissues types

    12. Need to know Activity - Tissues

    13. Need to knowActivity answers - Major tissue types

    14. Need to know Quiz

    1. About high-frequency

    2. The direct method

    3. How to explain the treatment to a client

    4. The indirect method: (Viennese massage)

    5. How to explain the treatment to a client

    6. Test your learning

    1. About the treatment

    2. Benefits, effects & precautions

    3. Treatment procedure

    4. Manufacturers instructions

    5. Test your learning

    1. About faradic

    2. Benefits, effects & precautions

    3. Application techniques

    4. Muscle placements

    5. Test your learning

    1. Galvanic current

    2. Test your learning

    3. How to explain the treatment to a client

    4. Desincrustation

    5. Desincrustation treatment procedure.

    6. Iontopherisis

    7. Iontopherisis treatment procedure

About this course

  • £75.00
  • 112 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


Director of training at Phoenix Louise Phoenix Searles

I’ve been involved with education & training since 1993 as a college lecturer, examiner & lead verifier with City & Guilds. Since 2001, I have been fortunate enough to help many people gain a ‘Career after Children’ creating flexible learning plans incorporating the units they would like to study. My main focus is on enhancing the quality of the learner’s journey, whilst meeting the industry’s needs and expectations to create a quality provision. Therapy Learning Resources is an extension of the provision which I first developed to help our adult learners embrace the complexities of gaining regulated qualifications whilst not compromising the support to their family.