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Short on time? Difficulty travelling to venues? Already invested time and money into training that hasn't met your requirements? Then this is the right course for you. This online learning package doesn't compromise on quality or support. You are able to learn at your own pace, with the full support of your tutor.

Icons & text

  • Assess vocational Quals

    If you need to assess candidates against vocational criteria, rather than against workplace criteria.

  • Understanding principles and practices of assessment

    You need to have completed the first moduleUnderstanding the Principles and practices of assessment before undertaking this module. You can find this module on our site.

  • Development

    Use assessments to plan the future development of students or other staff members in your field.

What you will cover

Each section has been broken down into bite size pieces to make the course easy to follow. Remember your tutor is always on hand if you need any assistance.

  • Plan assessments for vocational competency

  • Using an holistic approach to assessment

  • Follow standardisation procedures

  • Continuous professional development

  • Make assessment decisions

Frequently asked questions

  • I have never planned an assessment before, how will I know what to do?

    We provide you with all the forms you need, examples and a guide through the process.

  • What can I assess?

    You need to be qualified in the field that you are assessing in and have a good understanding of the criteria.

  • Do you provide the candidates?

    Unfortunately we are unable to do this as you need to assess candidates within the field of study.

  • Will the assessor be an expert in my field?

    No, the assessor is only looking at your ability to assess against set criteria. They will ask your own internal verifiers to look at the evidence and provide a witness statement to say that the contents of the assessment was correct.

  • I have a specific learning need, can I still participate?

    Yes, we can always help and support you. Make sure you discuss any specific needs with your tutor who will be able to assist you with an individual plan, and provide any support that you need.

Meet your tutor

Our tutors are experts in their field and will support you all the way.

I have been a tutor since 2000 and have worked as a college lecturer, as well as an independent trainer. I am fortunate enough to have been a fire fighter for over 20 years which has given me a great deal of practical experience in the fields that I teach. I have two of the best jobs in the world. I love teaching and supporting people to reach their potential is one of the most rewarding things I am able to do.

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  • Nicky Ojikutu Ixion

    Our Clients can often prove challenging and have a short attention span. Hazel not only keeps them focused and engaged, but leaves them motivated and confident with a huge sense of achievement.

  • Chelle Nam

    I am the Training and Development Manager at Frantec LtD. We have had various different training sessions conducted by Hazel ie First Aid, AET, Assessors qualification. She is an amazing trainer, her training is very inclusive too which helps as we all learn differently. Hazel is very approachable and will push hard to ensure that everyone learns and understands all aspects of which ever session she is training. Hazel keeps training interesting and fun, she has amazing activities within her training which not only keeps people alert and involved but also help s people retain what is being taught. We have had Hazel training our field staff and our managers in the office for several years now because we value her as Trainer, her professionalism and quality of training is of a very high level. We have had such positive feedback too from our staff.

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