Course curriculum


    2. Traditional Chinese Medicine - Meridians

    3. Anti-ageing is big business

    1. The epidermis

    2. Test your knowledge - Epidermis

    3. The dermis

    4. Dermis quiz

    5. Dermis activity

    6. Skin conditions & disorders

    7. Skin diseases quiz

    1. Cleansing Knowledge video

    2. Cleansing Skills video

    1. Skin types & conditions

    2. Resource: Chronological ageing

    1. Mian Dui Facial Ritual - the whole treatment

    2. Benefits of Uplifting Facial Massage

    3. Benefits of Facial Reflexology Ritual

    4. Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Ritual to the Face

    5. Benefits of Crystal Ritual

    6. Benefits of Closing Ritual


    1. GUA SHA

    2. Gua-sha tools

About this course

  • Free
  • 26 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


  • How long is the training

    2 days plus plenty of practice - we offer a lifelong learning pledge so you can come back at any time to refresh

  • Do I have to to be a therapist to take this training?

    Yes, a regulated qualification in reflexology, however, we do offer a sister course called Mian Dianti which is similar but designed for skincare & massage therapists

  • What do I need to provide?

    Rose Quartz or Jade gua sha and clear quartz palm crystals are tools we use to massage the face to cool, stabilize, and calm the body and mind. The tool is NOT included in the price of the course as we understand that some therapists will have already purchased one. Please do not be tempted to purchase cheap glass products as you will not be able to get good results with them. You will need to bring your own cleanser, toner & moisturiser and we will provide the argan oil and crystals. You will need to provide a headband, a flat sheet and medium towels to cover the client's top half of the body.

  • What about PPE?

    As part of our safe working practices, you will be required to make a COVID declaration and provide your own Type 2 Face mask. For further information, please read our risk assessment

  • How much does the training cost and do I have to pay for it in full?

    The cost of training is £295, however, You can pay in 3 payments of £100


Complementary therapies specialist Michelle Andreou

I love to teach! To impart my skills and knowledge into creating well-rounded, professional therapists gives me a buzz. I believe that when we learn as adults we bring a wealth of life-skills to the learning journey and I use this experience and build on it. My style of teaching is to make students think…. And find their own answer. I facilitate - guiding students to come to their own conclusions to empower their learning. My lessons are fun and very interactive. Students are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and ideas as, in that way, we can learn from each other. When learning a new skill, there are guidelines but I encourage and positively applaud students having a personal take on a skill, finding their own way of doing something that will make them stand out. I believe at the end of their journey with me students will be able to go out into the world as well-rounded, skilled, professional therapists and establish a well-being business.

Social proof: testimonials

My clients comment they feel 'lighter' and 'I feel like a giraffe (with a long neck!)'


I have gained clients that would not normally come for reflexology - men especially - as their wives have enjoyed it so much that they have booked in their husbands. I am finding it especially great for people hunched over a computer all day.

The clients who have regular Mian Dui treatments love it.


Not only do they have a thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, but they also leave with a boost to their self-confidence because they feel like their muscle tone has improved and their fine lines have been reduced. Let’s face it, all complementary therapies are about giving the client a mental boost as well as a physical one, and Mian Dui works so well. However, it’s a great treatment from a therapist's point of view too. It’s the most static of the treatments I do and the easiest one to maintain correct posture (I stand to do mine) so takes the least toll on my body. It’s lovely to end a day of treatments by easing into a Mian Dui, it’s a complementary therapy version of a G&T!

From one educator to another

Carol Clarke

I love the fact that Mian Dui is not restrictive and each therapist leaves their own character on it.